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Huska Holdings works closely with clients by providing a variety of options to help achieve their overall project goals. Some of the services we offer are:


Through experience our company has learned that each project requires a unique approach. To reduce project costs and increase efficiency we usually begin with a consultation.  During a consultation we utilize our experience and knowledge to:

  • Evaluate the site
  • Determine the most cost-effective way to process the material in relation to the layout of the site
  • Choose the correct equipment for the project


Wood Grinding offers environmentally friendly solutions by diverting the amount of wood waste being landfilled, reducing fine particulates released into the air from burning, creating a reusable commodity for resale and recycling wood debris into high quality compost.

We understand that each project is unique and requires a selective approach that is tailored to the customer.  Huska Holdings offers specialized wood recycling equipment that fits the requirements for a variety of different projects.  


Huska Holdings has the ability to haul on or off-site as required for any project.  We have the capacity to transport material with our small fleet of tractors and trailers or with local subcontractors throughout the province.


Shredding enables Huska Holdings to utilize contaminated wood sources that have been overlooked and have not had significant market value up to this point.

Slow speed shredders are used mainly to pre-process all kinds of materials, including domestic, industrial, bulky, and municipal waste and construction materials.  They can tear through some of the toughest materials, rendering them into sizeable scraps for easier recycling and processing while reducing waste volume by as much as 75%.